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    CyberEnergy provides multiple power management solutions and Power Management Card (PMCARD). Computer systems installed with CyberEnergy PowerGuide and PowerMaster Software can provide complete UPS power management and prevent unexpected data loss by providing orderly shutdown for your computer systems. The CyberEnergy PMCARD is an optional add-on for specific CyberEnergy UPS to enable remote management and configuration via web interface or the network management systems (NMS).

    PowerGuide Management Software
    For Home / Home Office

    Ideal for Home/SOHO users, PowerGuide management software provides a user-friendly interface for your power systems. The graphic user-interface is intuitive and displays essential power information at a glance. Download today to explore more functions of PowerGuide management software.

      Key Features:
    • UPS status monitoring
    • Power events summary
    • UPS self-test
    Download »
    PowerMaster Management Software
    For Servers / Business

    PowerMaster management software is ideal for IT professionals to monitor and manage the power status. It provides elegant, unattended shutdown of network computers and virtual machines connected to a battery backup during a power event. Power alert notifications can be sent via email, text, or instant message.

    This software allows users remote access (from any network PC with a web browser) to critical power information, including battery condition, load levels, and runtime information. It also includes OS shutdown, event logging, internal reports and analysis, remote management, and more.

      Key Features:
    • Monitor the Power status
    • Power System information
    • UPS load management and perform diagnostics
    • Protected system configuration and the events summary
    • Action settings for different events
    • Event logs
    • Scheduled shutdown and restart settings
    • Security authentication setting/management
    • Remote management from an internet connected computer
    Download »
    Power Device Network Utility

    The Power Device Network Utility scans the network devices for media access and displays complete equipment list found. It comes with installation wizard for clear step-by-step setup. The intuitive interface makes it an easy-to-use utility for finding remote management cards, configuring the located devices with a specific IP address, subnet mask, and gateway address, allowing them to work properly on the network.

    Download »